Prof. Anton Jayasuriya



Sir (Dr.) Anton Jayasuriy出生在科倫坡,西北省Chilaw接近Nattandiya,其父Don Caiten和其母Dona Mary Margaret Jayasuriya的一個椰子園中撫養長大的。

Sir (Dr.) Anton Jayasuriya was born in Colombo to parents, Don Caiten and Dona Mary Margaret Jayasuriya and brought up on a coconut plantation close to Nattandiya, Chilaw in the North Western Province.


Anton就讀於科倫坡,莫勒圖瓦(Moratuwa)St. Sebastian學院,他擅長學習然後進入醫學院。

Educated at St. Sebastian College, Moratuwa, he excelled in studies and entered the Medical College, Colombo.



He graduated in 1954 magna cum laude.



Thereafter he practiced island wide including Galle, Ratnapura and Jaffna.



His passion to help the poor and needy grew within him and the yearning to find a method for cost effective treatment for simple dysfunctions made his interest grow towards traditional and alternative medicine.


因此,在1962年,他參加了WHO在哈薩克斯坦(Kazakhstan),阿拉木圖(Alma Ata)會議,研究全球傳統醫學中的應用。

As a result, in 1962, he attended the W.H.O. Conference in Alma Ata in Kazakhstan to study the application of Traditional Medicine worldwide.



He was elected to look into the aspects of research and teaching this methodology.


Anton獲得烏得勒支(Utrecht)大學的神經學家Professor (Dr.) Jos SchadeAnton的幫助,在荷蘭的烏得勒支(Utrecht)建立一個教學中心。

His effort together with Professor (Dr.) Jos Schade, Neurologist at the University of Utrecht helped to create a teaching center in Utrecht, Holland.



Later, for economic reasons and to assist students, the teaching unit was brought to Sri Lanka and functioned at the Colombo South General Hospital, Kalubowila.



In 1974, the Government of Sri Lanka and the W.H.O. granted Sir (Dr.) Anton Jayasuriya a scholarship to study Acupuncture in the People’s Republic of China and he realized the potential for therapeutic modalities that were cost effective.



At last, he had found an excellent method of treatment for the needy.



He pioneered the world’s first Caesarian section through the use of Acupuncture as an anesthetic.Many surgeries followed by this method proving the power of Acupuncture.


Anton Jayasuriya接收執業證書後,任務開始了,他教導學生針灸的藝術和中醫藥。並且積極在各個國家,介紹國際交流醫科大學替代醫學(簡稱:OIUCM),他在斯里蘭卡,同年Anton舉辦了的第49次世界大會,見證他替代醫學的偉大貢獻。

(Sir Dr.) Anton Jayasuriya after receiving the certificate to practice embarked on a mission to teach the art of acupuncture and Traditional Medicines in their respective countries which in turn was introduced under ‘The Open International University for Complementary Medicines’ in Sri Lanka to honour his work and the (49th) World Congress held this year, bears testimony of his great contribution to Complementary Medicine.



He has authored over 97 books in the various areas of medicine which has been accepted internationally by renowned teachers and clinicians.


Anton Jayasuriya,大法師和替代醫學創始人,他雖已離開,卻留下了,不可磨滅的精神遺產,他的教學技巧和計劃,在他的架構中持續發酵。

He has left an indelible legacy in his teaching skills and his teaching programme continues within a framework established by him, Sir (Dr.) Anton Jayasuriya, the Great Master and Founder of Complementary Medicine.


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